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Mormon Boyz is here to hit you with very perverse stuff. You’ll watch how the leaders of this “cult” (yeah, let’s call it that) pick young, innocent boys, and take advantage of them by kinda washing their brains. So, on one side you’ve got the “boys,” and on the other you’ve got the men. I guess that sort of makes it an Older-For-Younger site. These dudes have built an entire religion around man-on-man stuff, and it’s pretty outrageous. You can learn more about the structure of this organization and how it works by reading the “About” section. It’s pretty detailed.



As for the scenes, and the kind of stuff they feature, there’s a pretty wide range of nasty deeds involved. There’s a lot of passionate kissing, blowjobs, obviously penetration, too; there’s stuff that involves cum, and so on. It seems that there’s something these Mormons don’t believe in, and that’s the use of condoms. That’s right, this is all 100% bareback action. You’ll watch steaming threesomes, hot action in the shower, masturbation, fingering, and a lot more. The videos are shot in crystal-clear, Full HD quality, and they can be streamed or downloaded unlimitedly.

In addition to the scenes, you will also find photo galleries. There are about 500+ scenes at the moment, and each week you’ll be presented with 2 brand new updates. These exclusive scenes can be at your disposal for a very low price if you sign up with the site through Mormon Boyz discount. Your 30-day pass will be a lot cheaper thanks to this deal, but you’ll benefit the most by subscribing for a year, which will drop the fee even lower. If you’re looking for a long-term subscription, then this last option is just the thing for you. Check it out and secure the benefits before the offer expires. It’s a tremendous opportunity.

Ok, here’s a little taste of the action: This “society” is divided into different groups according to status (Brother, Bishop, President, Patriarch, etc.). On one of the scenes, one of the top guys orders Bishop Gibson to engage in action with one of the Elders. The bishop is a 30+ guy with a full beard. The elder is a skinny, younger boy. Upon request, they start making out and caressing each other in front of the voyeur big shot. They fondle each other slowly and passionately while taking each other’s clothes off, and then the big shot says “bring him over here.” That’s when he grabs the boy’s cock, feeling it’s size and weight in the palm of his hand. He strokes it a few times and orders them to start making out again. He likes to watch.

The big shot is sitting on a chair, which is kind of a throne, really. The room is dark. Nothing but darkness around. There’s a special device set in front of them. It’s a sort of a wooden bench with a series of butt plugs sticking out of it, all lined up. The first butt plug is small, but the next one is slightly bigger, and so on, with the one in the opposite end being the biggest. One by one, the boy has to try these butt plugs as a test, and see how far he can go. Will he be able to fit the biggest butt plug in his tight little ass? Check it out and find out!

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